Choosing the right headset

Choosing the right headset sounds easy but sometimes ends up being a bit confusing.  For example, what is the best way to connect a headset to my telephone?  Do I use an amplifier?  Should I use a wireless headset? Which is better, sound in one ear or two ears?

These are excellent questions and essential to picking a headset that you or your employees will use and appreciate.  After all a headset is usually worn more than 4 hours each day!

Let’s take a look at some factors to consider when choosing the right headset

First, how are you connecting this headset to the telephone (or soft phone)?  A majority or business telephones have a dedicated headset port making the connection easier and the headset functions on your telephone.  With the continued growth in the Unified Communications (UC) environment we find telephony functions being handled by your computer.  This now requires a headset with a USB port and call control functions.

Wired or wireless?  Most headset users still use a corded headset, simply because the majority of conversations occur while you are at your desk.  Some environments require you to be mobile while talking on the phone and this is where a wireless headset comes in handy. Today most wireless headsets offer over 6 hours of battery life and a range of 300+ feet.  Well able to keep up with general office use.

Single or double ear?  This is mostly determined by the environment in which you are using your headset and the amount of interaction needed with co-workers.  Noisy environments with little interaction with co-workers is best served with a binaural (sound in both ears) noise canceling headset.  A monaural headset is a great choice in a quiet or reasonably quiet area and where you desire one ear “open” to hear what is going on around you.

This is just a quick guide and not meant to be all inclusive.  After all, that is what we are here for  🙂

I hope this helps and we look forward to serving your telephone headset needs.



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