In Defense of The Call Center

When people think of customer care they, almost always, think about a call center. As times and social patterns change we see a movement into other forms of customer care contact. Some of these methods are more reliance on FAQs, social media or with online chat windows.

According to recent surveys your chances of having a customer service issue resolved using a traditional call center is 90%. This drops to around 70% when using some of the new social media choices.


Although some people like the convenience of accessing customer service via social media channels and assorted web tools the traditional call center allows you to achieve better results through human interaction and expression.

Alas this has not always been the case! For years a call center has evoked images of robotic human voices reading off of a script will little to no regard for the customer calling in. Luckily this has been, and will continue, changing for the positive. More and more customer care centers are realizing that the quality of customer service can make or break a brand or company. Trending now is the call center agent becoming human again! This is evident in companies allowing the customer care agent to show compassion, empathy and a personality with the customers that are calling in. This human touch will begin to energize the interaction we have with the products, brands and services we use and the customer care department behind them.

Today we have a wide range of choices when it comes to how do we connect to customer service. Calling into a contact center is still the first choice for a majority of customers and a large majority as the second choice) after trying email or social media). This alone demonstrates the importance of maintaining a quality call center to address any customer service issues.


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