Choosing a Wireless Headset

There was a time when choosing a wireless headset was relatively easy (but expensive). That was due mainly to a lack of viable options. Today we see a wide range of options that can be a little overwhelming!   I would like to attempt to narrow down the choices to make choosing a wireless headset a little easier.

Here are a few factors to think about:


It is truly a great time to have a wireless headset! Wireless headsets used to be retrained to being used on the desk telephone but now there are models that offer dual and multi-connectivity. Giving the user more connection options such as telephone, computer and mobile device is the new normal for a wireless headset. The decision on which functions you want is to ask yourself how you communicate!


On average a wireless headset today will give you about 300 feet of range (some go from 350-400+ feet!). Now, before you run a football field away from your telephone there are some things to consider, as the listed range is not an absolute. Lots of factors can determine your actual range such as building material, type of environment (open, cubicle, closed office, etc.) and more.


Most wireless headsets operate in the DECT (1.9 GHz frequency range). This may become an issue if you are looking at deploying more than 50-70 wireless headsets in the same environment (about 10,000 square feet). Density issues can create a host of issues that will degrade your communication experience. Plantronics has a solution with their CS500-XD family that utilizes the 900 MHz frequency range to help increase wireless density in your office space.


This is very important as you may be wearing the headset all day! Each manufacturer has their own approach to design so the best thing to do is to narrow the results by function and then look at the various designs to make sure you have a unit you will be happy with. Most wireless headsets sold today are “convertible” offering you the choice of over the head, over the ear and, sometimes, behind the neck wearing styles. The choice is yours!


These are just some of the basics to get you going. There are more things to consider so your best bet is to contact your local headset expert and get the ball moving J     Thank you! Eric Anderson from Your Telecom Source, Inc


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